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Exotic Automation strives to make the maintenance on your LPG or CNG conversions a little easier. If you do not find the answer to your questions with the resources below, please contact our Alternative Fuel Specialist by clicking here!

How to change your Parker Hannifin CLS112 Replacement Filter:

Change the element at regular oil change intervals or every 6,000 miles (9656 km). Depressurize housing before servicing.

   ▪ Remove drain plug with 1/4” hex key wrench and drain until liquid is removed
   ▪ Change the drain plug o-ring each time the filter element is replaced
   ▪ Using bottom flats, unscrew bowl and remove old element and head-to-bowl o-ring. Replace with new components and install bowl.
   ▪ Torque to 30 ft-lbs (40Nm)
   ▪ Replace drain plug with new o-ring installed when completed
   ▪ Torque to 27 ft-lbs (37 Nm)
   ▪ Test for leaks, with system pressurized, by using leak detection fluid

The FFC filter housing must not be under pressure during servicing. Doing so may cause serious injury. Close the shut off valve and slowly relieve line pressure before attempting service. Verify that the pressure has been relieved by using a pressure gauge known to be in good working order.

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